School UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) CODE NO 19170107320
HELPLINE   033-4019-6666
Time 1000h to 1430h




Minimum Age Required as on 31 March of the year of Admission.

Nursery : 3 Years Completed.

Class 1 : 6 Years Completed.

Add one year for each subsequent Class.

Manipulating date of birth to suite the criteria above is an offence.

If the information provided in the application is found to be misinterpreted/ misrepresented/ inaccurate/ false/ or manipulated, the school retains the discretion to refund any fees paid.

Right of admission to school reserved by the school.

School Fees

School Fees for current academic session see School Fees Structure.


  1. Open the school website
  2. Under ICSE click on "Click to Enter".
  3. Click on "Login". Available at the top right ribbon.
  4. Follow the instructions given below:-
    1. Click Are you a                          STUDENT
    2. Type User                                   Registration No (eg. 2222)
    3. Type Password                           Date of Birth {eg. dd/mm/yy (21/07/1997)}
    4. Click on GO
  5. The Challan page will be displayed.
    1. All possible combinations and types of fee/payment will be displayed.
    2. Carefully select the (check Box) appropriate fees/payment desired to be paid.
    3. Click on "Save" button to take a print out.

                (Kindly ensure that the printer is attached to the Computer)

  1. For Reprinting the challan, go to "Reprint". All challans generated so far will be tabulated. Select the challan number which you want to print.

Note: New Challan can only be printed if all previous Challans generated have been paid. Challan once generated, irrespective of having been printed or otherwise, will have to be paid within 15 days of generation as indicated at the bottom of the Challan.



  1. Log into site
  2. On the Home Page in the top green ribbon click on "Login"
  3. In the login Window. Top Field should read "Student" ID is student registration Number and password is date of birth. (dd/mm/yyyy) (FIRST TIME ONLY)
  4. Student Portfolio home page will open.
  5. Top blue ribbon left most tab "challan". Please click o n it.
  6. Payment page will open.
  7. Please confirm the students data for whom the payment is being made.
  8. For fees under the heading "Select Tuition Fees Quarterly" Tick all four quarters desired.
  9. For other payments click the appropriate radio button.
  10. ON LINE PAYMENT OPTION WILL APPEAR. Click on it and follow instruction
  11. After the payment has been made a confirmation mail will arrive in students mail ID and the school mail ID.


In case of default in paying fees as per laid down Schedule, late fees as applicable will be charged and has to be paid as laid down in aforesaid paragraphs. However consistent and regular default in fees may result in the name of the student being struck off the rolls of the school. Readmission may be granted on the discretion of the Management on payment of admission fees and all other applicable fees for the complete academic year. No consideration will be given to any installment fees having been paid earlier. All dues should be cleared before the student appears for any school examination and / or collection of progress report as applicable.

Instructions for Payment

Payments to school has been divided into three groups

  1. Select Tuition Fees Quarterly
  2. Select Council Related Fees
  3. Select Other Charges

At any one time, challan from only one group can be generated.

Multiple choice from any one group is possible by ticking the relevant box of the payment required to be made.

More than one quarter fees can be paid together by multi clicking the relevant check boxes.

On payment of the same and confirmation in the system by school you will be able to generate and print the next challan from any group.

In case of wrongly generated challan contact school through contact us. Challan once generated has to be paid or deleted for you to be able to proceed with further payment. Challan can be deleted by the school authority only.

Last date of payment of challan is always printed at the bottom of the challan. The system automatically gives a date 15 days from the date of generation of challan. In case you do not intend to make payment in next 15 days please do not generate the challan.

In case you're unable to generate challan please intimate the school through contact us tab for necessary advice.

1st Feb. Fees challan generation by parents/Students for the current academic year will not be available from 1st Feb. Will require to contract school for fees challan thereafter. All year ending fees must have been paid by 15 Feb.

1st Mar. Fees challan generated before and on 15th Feb by Parents/ Students not valid. If not paid fresh challan be taken from School.

2nd Mar. All late fees challan (ONLY FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE PAID FEES FOR COMPLETE YEAR) to be generated and printed/mailed for giving/sending to parents and students by class Teacher. TO BE POSITIVELY PAID BY 25 MARCH.

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