Notice Board

  • Notice for Nursery and Class KG - On account of Annual Sports, Nursery and Class KG will be suspended on Friday 17 Jan 2020.
  • Notice for Primary Dispersal on 18 Jan 2020 - Annual Sports Day
  • It gives us great pleasure to announce that our effort to get real Heroes to encourage our students has borne fruit. On the Annual Sports Day we will be graced by highly decorated officer Lt Col Nectar Sanjenbam Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra from Para Special Force Indian Army accompanied by select band of men from the special forces of the Indian Army. Lt Col Nector has been decorated for bravery twice with the highest bravery awards awarded during peace time. He led the surgical strike on the insurgents on 09 Jun 2015 on the Mayanmar Border or as some say inside Maynmar. The Movie’ URI The Surgical Strike’ tried to show the strike in its opening sequence. The officer is cited to have taken down 6-8 sentries, who were guarding the camps, personally in close quarter combat, before blasting his way through the main camp. We thank the Indian Army for allowing thes real Heroes to be part of the BGES School (ICSE) sports day. Kindly be present at the sports to meet and greet such heroes. Message From Shri Pradip Sheth Managing Member Governing Body cum Hony. Gen. Secy. The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society.
  • Notice for classes 1- 4 - Due to Annual Sports, Classes 1 - 4 will be suspended on Friday 17 Jan 2020. All Primary (classes 1-4) will thereafter report directly to Gitanjali Stadium on 18th Jan 2020 at 0830h.
  • Notice for Uniform during sports practice - From 15 Jan to 17 Jan, all students of classes 5- 10 will wear Sports T Shirt and track pants to school.
  • Notice for Admission Procedure for BGES (ICSE) Students to BGES (ISC) 5 LLR. Students will report in school uniform at 2nd Floor 5 LLR as per schedule given below Time 1030h to 1130h Monday 20 Jan 20 Class 10A Girls 4 Science 12 Commerce Tuesday 21 Jan 20 Class 10A Boys 14 Science 16 Commerce Wednesday 22 Jan 20 Class 10B Girls 18 Commerce Thursday 24 Jan 20 Class 10B Boys 21 Commerce
  • Republic Day Celebration administrative Instruction.

New Admission

Normally the Admission process is open throughout the year for the next Academic year. To draw public attention, notice and newspaper advertisements are taken out in mid November every year. Admission to Classes 9 and 10 is not granted.

The following documents are required to be uploaded in a digital format during/at the end of admission process.


Proof of date of Birth.

Transfer Certificate in original (For admission to class 2 onwards). Hard copy to be

submitted to school

Proof of Address.

Certificate showing Blood Group.

Passport photograph of the child.

All new admission students are permitted to wear their previous school (if attended) uniform or home clothes if no previous school has been attended, till the new uniform is provided or one month from first date of attendance whichever is earlier.

Parents / Guardians must fill in the admission forms with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted. The student seeking admission should be well versed with the syllabus of the class immediately below to which they seek admission.

Admission to The BGES School(ICSE) is not available for students who have not cleared the passing examination of the class for which admission is sought, either for retention in the same or for promotion to the next class.

Science/Commerce separation starts from class 8. Science stream is not offered to New Admission candidates.

For admission to the School there will be no written tests or interviews. Candidates are encouraged to interact freely with the teachers during their visit to enable the school to judge the mental development, physical ability, basic communication and comprehension skills. Parents are permitted to be present with the child and participate in the interaction; both parents are required to be present for lower classes. This will help the school to establish the degree of personal attention required.

Counseling parents and guidance sessions from classes 1 onwards will be held to ensure the student is able to settle down and grasp the school standards at the earliest as also to identify the areas if at all that require special individual attention.




Applications open throughout the year. Open the website

Click "Application for new admission______ --_______ ".

Application Form will open.

Fill up all the details given in the form.

Upload the child's Photograph as per "Instructions for uploading photographs" link provided in the form. Click the check box "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" to accept all the rules and norms of the school.

Click on Save Button.

The acknowledgement of uploading admission form will be displayed followed by application fees challan ofRs 300/-.

Print the acknowledgement and the challan.

In case you do not have a printer attached, note your application number and the password for re-opening the acknowledgement. Then use close option below.

Take the challan and pay the money in The Federal Bank, 4/1, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani (Elgin Road Branch), 1st Floor, Bhawanipur, Kolkata - 700 020.

Please see Admission Policy / Criteria for categorization / Additional information for students seeking admission.


The objective is to ensure that the admission procedure is non-discriminatory, rational and transparent and that the children and their parents are not subjected to admission tests and interviews in order to decide the admission.

Starting from the admissions to the Academic Session 2011-2012 the school admission policy has been based on the under mentioned guidelines for all categories:

No capitation fee of any kind to be paid to any one in connection with the admission to the school.

At the entry level, that is at Pre - primary and Class 1 admission, no screening procedure will be followed

either for the child or the parents.

At the entry level no profiling of the child based on parental educational qualification will be done.

From Class 1 onwards no screening procedure will be adopted, however all candidates are advised to take the counseling sessions as per school guidelines.

All candidates seeking admission above Pre Primary level will undergo a counseling session to make them aware of the school, its activities and academic requirements. At the same time the school would familiarize itself with students to understand the degree of support required to cope with the existing class levels, to be able to give a conducive environment for the overall development of the child. And also as a guide for the assessment of the learning process, present and future, there after arm the school to put into practice continuous and comprehensive evaluation of teacher and student learning.

Last date for payment is given in the notice for admission/ announced at the time of granting admission. Admission stands automatically cancelled if payment is not made by the last date as declared. No claim for admission can be made on account of late payment.



All prospective candidates are encouraged to take the counseling session before school starts about the procedure to grant admission based on the existing policy, rules and regulations, before the school session starts.

Admission to the desired class from class 2 ( inclusive) can only be given if the child has passed his previous class and all supporting documents to that effect are produced for verification to the school. Responsibility of presumption of passing /applying in anticipation is the sole responsibility of the parents/guardian. Candidates applying for admission to a particular class while waiting/ studying in previous class may in good faith be granted provisional admission on the basis of application and information furnished to the school. However final admission to the class will be subject to fulfilling the complete eligibility criteria for the class in which admission is sought. Class of admission once applied, cannot be changed.


  1. The Children of Gujarati lineage in order of longest blood lineage.
  2. The Children of ex-students in order.
  • Both parents
  • Father ex-student
  • Mother ex-student
    1. In serial 2, priorities will be given if applicant has lineage of degree of generation.
    2. Children of Gujarati lineage as per serial 1 and also ex - student as in serial 2 will be higher on the priority list.
    3. Priority will be given to the children whose blood siblings are already studying in the school, followed by siblings studying in sister institutions.
    4. Non- Gujarati lineage applicants will be prioritized under the same criteria separately and after Gujarati lineage applicants.
    5. Prioritizations will be done in all categories on the basis of distance from home to school and also the existing transportation facilities available for the child.
    6. Affordability of fees.
    7. The wards of teachers and other staff will be given priority.
    8. The children seeking admission due to their parents' transfer from another city will be prioritized within the broader category they fall in.
    9. Girl students will be given priority as and when possible and required.

Priority to the children of single parent in accordance with circumstances.

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Brij Bhushan Singh Headmaster
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