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  • NOTICE Consequences for not applying for Informed Leave Absence The school has specially designed a system for the students for intimating the school of their absence which is known as "Informed Leave Absence". A student is expected to maintain the desired percentage of attendance ranging between 75% to 80% in each academic session (depending on the class) failing which he/she is liable to be dealt with as per school rules given in the school Diary. After having been absent if the system reflects “A” i.e. Absent even after 3 days of Absence it shows that student has not applied for Informed absence. Some of Consequences of “A” being reflected in the system are given below:- 1. The student will be classified as disregarding the school rules/regulations repeatedly. 2. The school authorities have the right to treat it as a case of gross indiscipline. 3. Such irresponsible / in disciplined conduct coupled with a subsequent attempt at claiming the leave on medical grounds, as afterthought, shall not be entertained. Relevant rules as applicable may be applied on the student. 4. Such slipshod approach of a child would reflect his lack of interest in academics. This is a very serious issue and be noted accordingly by all. Brij Bhushan Singh Headmaster
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Governing Body

Sri Champaklal Doshi
President (Ex - Officio)
Sri Miraj D Shah
Vice - Chairman
Sri Bharat Ajmera
Donor Representative
Sri Jitu Shah
Joint Secretary (Ex - Officio)
Sri Arvind Rupani
Treasurer (Ex - Officio)
Sri Pradip Sheth
Central Committee - Nominated Member
Sri Dinesh Mehta
Central Committee - Nominated Member
Smt. Nalini Parekh
Central Committee - Nominated Member
Dr. P. R. Kamdar
Central Committee - Nominated Medical Representative
Sri Rupesh Gandhi
Nominated Parent's Representative
Dr. Sudha Tripathi
Nominated Parent's Representative
Smt. Mridula Nagar
Nominated Teacher Representative
Smt. Gita Roy
Nominated Teacher Representative
Smt. Dora Bannerjee
Principal - ISC (Ex - Officio)
Sri Brij Bhushan Singh
(Head Master - ISCE) (Ex - Officio)
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Welcome to The BGES School website. I appreciate your interest in The BGES, and I hope you will enjoy your time here learning about its members.

Brij Bhushan Singh Headmaster
House System

The school has four houses named after famous national leaders Tagore, Patel, Nehru and Gandhi.

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