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Routine for Examination - Class 10


D Day ENG-I 2 Hrs.
D+1 Day ENG-II 2 Hrs.
D+2 Day HIST 2 Hrs.
D+3 Day GEOG 2 Hrs.
D+4 Day MATHS 2½ Hrs.
D+5 Day 2ND LANG 3 Hrs.
D+6 Day CTA 2 Hrs.
D+7 Day PHY/CST 2 Hrs.
D+8 Day CHEM 2 Hrs.
D+9 Day BIO 2 Hrs.

(From 1st Working Day after D+9 Day On wards Normal School begins for All)

Above time table for Preliminary Exams

Examination Schedule for Practical Examinations :

1st Term Examination Preliminary Examination Subject
4th Monday of August 1st Monday of December Biology Practical (1150h onwards)
4th Tuesday of August 1st Tuesday of December Physics Practical (1150h onwards)
4th Wednesday of August 1st Wednesday of December Chemistry Prac. (1150h onwards)
4th Thursday of August 1st Thursday of December English Speaking skill start time 0840 hrs. All teachers involved to arrange substitution from HM office

* NB : All Science students to join normal classes after Practical Examinations

** NB : 2nd Language Speaking Skills Assessment is applicable for Aug/Sept schedule only.


1st Monday of September 1st Saturday of December 2nd language Speaking Skill Section B. All teachers involved to arrange substitution from HM office.
1st Tueaday of September 2nd Monday of December

English Listening Skill Internal Examiner start time 0840h. External examiner start time 1000h. Normal classes from 5th period onwards.



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