Notice Board

  • Notice for Nursery and Class KG - On account of Annual Sports, Nursery and Class KG will be suspended on Friday 17 Jan 2020.
  • Notice for Primary Dispersal on 18 Jan 2020 - Annual Sports Day
  • It gives us great pleasure to announce that our effort to get real Heroes to encourage our students has borne fruit. On the Annual Sports Day we will be graced by highly decorated officer Lt Col Nectar Sanjenbam Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra from Para Special Force Indian Army accompanied by select band of men from the special forces of the Indian Army. Lt Col Nector has been decorated for bravery twice with the highest bravery awards awarded during peace time. He led the surgical strike on the insurgents on 09 Jun 2015 on the Mayanmar Border or as some say inside Maynmar. The Movie’ URI The Surgical Strike’ tried to show the strike in its opening sequence. The officer is cited to have taken down 6-8 sentries, who were guarding the camps, personally in close quarter combat, before blasting his way through the main camp. We thank the Indian Army for allowing thes real Heroes to be part of the BGES School (ICSE) sports day. Kindly be present at the sports to meet and greet such heroes. Message From Shri Pradip Sheth Managing Member Governing Body cum Hony. Gen. Secy. The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society.
  • Notice for classes 1- 4 - Due to Annual Sports, Classes 1 - 4 will be suspended on Friday 17 Jan 2020. All Primary (classes 1-4) will thereafter report directly to Gitanjali Stadium on 18th Jan 2020 at 0830h.
  • Notice for Uniform during sports practice - From 15 Jan to 17 Jan, all students of classes 5- 10 will wear Sports T Shirt and track pants to school.
  • Notice for Admission Procedure for BGES (ICSE) Students to BGES (ISC) 5 LLR. Students will report in school uniform at 2nd Floor 5 LLR as per schedule given below Time 1030h to 1130h Monday 20 Jan 20 Class 10A Girls 4 Science 12 Commerce Tuesday 21 Jan 20 Class 10A Boys 14 Science 16 Commerce Wednesday 22 Jan 20 Class 10B Girls 18 Commerce Thursday 24 Jan 20 Class 10B Boys 21 Commerce
  • Republic Day Celebration administrative Instruction.

School and Games Uniform

Since April 5, 2010

The school uniform is sacred and a prized possession of a student. It symbolizes the ethos and culture of the school, of which the student is an integral part. Any violation of its sanctity calls for firm disciplinary action such as suspension, termination etc. Visit to restaurants, cinema, multiplexes other public places etc. in school uniform is a serious breach of discipline inviting action. Hair colouring, using styling gel and fashionable hair cuts are not allowed in school. Students who have begun to shave must have a clean shaven face.

The school Uniform is important and students should come to school wearing neat and presentable uniform.

Any child who does not wear the correct uniform may be refused entry to the class.



Shirt : White with red front top with school monogram (not to be tucked) House colour band inside the collar. Skirt : White and black check pleated skirt. Back multi utility shoes, black socks. Hair should be pleated and in case of non pleated hair (Short hair) It must be secured by white headband / band. Pre-primary tunic with 2 colours. Upper white and school monogram and lower pleated checks.


Shirt White Shirt with red and black / white check piping on the shoulder and upper back. There is a house colour band inside the collar. Elastic at the bottom. Trousers : White & black checked double pleated with 1½ inch loop for belt. Black multi utility shoes, black socks. Pre-Primary. Same shirt and shorts of same material as trousers above.

WINTER: In Addition to above

Black cardigans half / full sleeves or blazer may be worn on top.


House coloured T-Shirt, not tucked will be worn with School Uniform Skirt. All girls from Classes 1 - 10 must attend the Games Class with full length track pants.


House coloured T-Shirt, not tucked will be worn with school uniform trouser.


Note : The students can wear coloured dresses on all the Activity Days. However footwear worn should be appropriate to activities required to be carried out.

Notes on Uniform

  1. Except for inconspicuous earrings or nose studs ( for girls only when the ear or nose has been pierced) . No clip-ons allowed on hair, no jewellery is allowed to be worn by boys or girls in the school. Ear studs for boys is prohibited.
  2. No student is permitted to wear nail polish or to streak / colour his / her hair, Kajol/Liner on eyes.
  3. Use of styling gel on hair to exhibit an extraordinary look is not permitted.
  4. Attending of school with application of mehendi (henna) / colour / tattoo/ nail polish / mascara/ coloured contact lenses etc is prohibited. Wearing of Photo chromatic spectacles / Coloured Contact Lenses / Sun Glasses in school is not permitted.
  5. The School is proud of non-political and non-denominational character which cannot be compromised in any circumstances. While appreciating individual needs to uphold religious practices, the school also has its own precedence and practices along with traditions which go over eight decades. It does not encourage dressing up for identification on the basis of religion or any other non secular basis as also use items to distinguish oneself by their religious identity during the school hours and activities.
  6. Wearing of ID card is compulsory for all students during school and official engagements.
  7. Short socks commonly known as ankle socks are not permitted with uniform. (Special attention girls.)
  8. Material of School Dress

Short and Top : Cloth Ladugopal Spun White Shirting

Trouser & Skirt : Super S. K. Checked Suiting

School Uniform are available at :

Pramathanath & Co

74F, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road [Near Bhawanipur Metro Station] Phone : 2455-3237, Contact person : Mr. Subrato Shankar Das – 9831504744 School Shoes can be any of the under mentioned: (Both Girls & Boys)(School & Games Uniforms)

  1. "POWER" manufactured by Bata.
  2. Code "#03977" Manufactured by Sreeleathers.
  3. " SM – 58 ( Velcron) Black" manufactured by Sparx.
  4. Full black, lace or Velcro multi utility sports shoes of any manufacturer. There shall be no spot or labelling of any other colour on the shoes, however small or thin.

The shoes can be purchased from any outlet. Please note that the same shoes will be used with the school uniform and the games uniforms.

All new admission students are permitted to wear their previous school (if attended) uniform or home clothes if no previous school has been attended, till the new uniform is provided or one month from first date of attendance whichever is earlier.

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