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Welcome to The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School, an institution for learning that has re-defined Education in the heart of the city of Kolkata. BGES School has been well received among parents ever since it was established almost eight decades ago.

Our School is a caring and friendly place where children can grow and learn in a secure, creative and friendly environment – it is also a happy one! Staff, pupils, parents and get on well and work together.

We believe that an all-round education is important for development and we are determined to do our very best for every child in the school. Children have access to a high quality education, together with opportunities for creative, sporting and cultural activities.


Minimum Age Required as on 31 March of the year of Admission.
Nursery : 3 Years Completed.
Class 1 : 5 Years Completed.
Add one year for each subsequent Class.

Notice Board

  • RESPONSIBILITY MORNING PRAYERS AND NATIONAL ANTHEM With effect from 01 Aug 2017 the complete responsibility for conduct of the two will be that of The Headboy/Headgirl. Daily duty will be same as per the duty of school Audio Video team as given below. The House Captain and Prefects may please rotate the prefects to ensure smooth functioning of the two events daily. Prayer National Anthem Monday Gandhi House Tagore House Tuesday Nehru House Patel House Wednesday Patel House Nehru House Thursday Tagore House Gandhi House Friday Gandhi House Patel House Saturday Nehru House Tagore House
  • Krish Ray. Class - 5A Reg no. 2412 Suspension Notice Effective from 27.07.2017
  • Aarush Kumar Yadav class 5A reg. No. 2358 Suspension Notice. Effective from 27.07.2017
  • Notice for Show cause letter : more than 2 weeks absent .Reg. No. 1849 Name: JYOTI KOWARIA Class: VII B
  • POSTER COMPETITION/SLOGAN COMPETITION Subject: Keep the school park clean (Refers to the Park Outside the School) Participants: All students and Parents in two category Student and Parents Venue: At Home Date: Last date to submit entries Monday 31 Jul 17 1430h Submit To: Mr Tanmoy Majumder Teachers may take part in the non competitive section
  • FIRST AND LAST DAY ABSENCE BEFORE/AFTER THE VACATION. School Diary Page 79 Para 8. In the past it has been a practice to apply the rule leniently and only impose a fine for the absence from school on last/first day before/after the vacation. It has been decided that w.e.f Puja Vacation Sep 2017 the rule will be applied in letter and spirit. Only in exceptional cases a fine will be applied. The fine will be Rs 1000/- per day of absence. All cases the student has been absent due to circumstances beyond the control. Such absence will be considered by the school and on acceptance of the same by the school, the rule may be applied leniently on such cases only. Procedure for such cases remain as per the school diary
  • All parents are advised that all absence of your ward be regularised by uploading through informed absence in students portfolio (School Diary page 102) within three days. There after it will be treated as Uninformed absence and fine will be due as per school diary page 79. Class Teachers are being authorized for issue of the same. Headmaster
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From the Headmaster's desk

Welcome to The BGES School website. I appreciate your interest in The BGES, and I hope you will enjoy your time here learning about its members.

Brij Bhushan Singh

House System

The school has four houses named after famous national leaders Tagore, Patel, Nehru and Gandhi.