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  • NOTICE Consequences for not applying for Informed Leave Absence The school has specially designed a system for the students for intimating the school of their absence which is known as "Informed Leave Absence". A student is expected to maintain the desired percentage of attendance ranging between 75% to 80% in each academic session (depending on the class) failing which he/she is liable to be dealt with as per school rules given in the school Diary. After having been absent if the system reflects “A” i.e. Absent even after 3 days of Absence it shows that student has not applied for Informed absence. Some of Consequences of “A” being reflected in the system are given below:- 1. The student will be classified as disregarding the school rules/regulations repeatedly. 2. The school authorities have the right to treat it as a case of gross indiscipline. 3. Such irresponsible / in disciplined conduct coupled with a subsequent attempt at claiming the leave on medical grounds, as afterthought, shall not be entertained. Relevant rules as applicable may be applied on the student. 4. Such slipshod approach of a child would reflect his lack of interest in academics. This is a very serious issue and be noted accordingly by all. Brij Bhushan Singh Headmaster
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Insurance For Students And Staff Accidental Injury


The School has insured all students and staff for Accidental injury. Guidelines for claim management as given by The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. is given below:

In Personal Insurances sentiment and emotions play a major role. These policies have been designed as user-friendly covers and a high degree of tact and power of persuasion is vital in handling such claims.

The Guidelines given accordingly recommend a broad framework to be judiciously utilized in day- to-day operations in merits.

Generally, the scrutiny of following documents are important whilst processing all PA claims duly completed claim form.

Report of attending Doctor either as a separate document or on the reverse of claim form if provision is made therefor.

Investigation reports like laboratory test, x-rays and reports essential for confirmation of the injury. Police Reports.

Certificate of proof of age of dependent child in case the claim is under education grant provision.

Payment made for carriage of dead body may be considered on the basis of declaration by the claimant.

Medical bills corresponding to doctors prescription where Medical extension is granted. Self declaration if Policy diary was not lodge (i.e. except Road accident) Vitamins and tonics deemed medicines ONLY if prescribed by the Doctor as a part of treatment. In addition, for fatal claims, following documents need scrutiny:

 i) Death Certificate

 ii) Post Mortem Report wherever available

 iii) Coroner's Report

 iv) Inquest Report

 On requirement of preferring a claim parents are requested to photocopy the form given in the School diary, complete all columns and along with documents required submit the form to the school reception. For any guidance Mr. Nitesh Shah whose number is given on the form can be contacted.


The Branch Manager
The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
City Divisional Office No. 04
33 Stephen House (2nd Floor)
4 B B Bag (East), Kolkata - 700 001

(Through Mr. Nitesh Shah)

Sub : First Information of Accident Injury to insured covered under the

Policy No.................................................................................................................

The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School.

Dear Sir, Please find below details of injuries sustained by one of the insured members under the above policy. Name of Person sustaining Accidental  Injury /Death.

Date and Time of Occurrence :

Place of Occurrence :

Brief of Accident Occurrence :

Contact Number :

Name of Insurance Co. : The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
Issuing Office : 311400 Do 4 CALCUTTA
Address : City Divisional Office No. 04
33 Stephen House, (2nd Floor)
4 B B Bag (East) Kolkata - 700 001
Tele / Fax / Mail : 033-2248 2706 / 2708 / 8874, Fax : 22108901
E-mail :
Agent : BA0000057442,  Nitesh Shah 98300 59388
033-22488874, Fax : 033-22108901
Period of Insurance : From 16.02h  on ____/______/20___ to
Midnight of ____/______/20___  From 16.02h
on ____/______/20___  to Midnight of ____/____/20___
Coverage : Group Personal Accident Policy for 837 Insured including Students, Teachers, Staff & Management
Policy No. :  

This is for your information and necessary action please.



The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society

From the Headmaster's desk

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Brij Bhushan Singh Headmaster
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